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AJY Mobile Concrete Batching Plant
  • Capacity: 50-60 m³/h
  • Mixer: JZM 1500
  • Mixing Period: 40 s
  • Batching Machine: PLD1600
  • Chassis Size: 11100×2000×780 mm


AJ-25 Concrete Batching Plant
  • Model : AJ-25 Concrete Batching Plant
  • Productivity: 25m3/h
  • Concrete mixer: JS500
  • Mixer discharging capacity: 0.5m3
  • Nominal Capacity of Mixer (L): 800
  • Max aggregate: 60mm


AJ-35 Concrete Batching Plant
  • Model: AJ-35 Concrete Batching Plant
  • Productivity: 35m3/h
  • Concrete mixer:  JS750
  • Mixer discharging capacity: 0.75m3
  • Aggregate batching machine: PLD1200
  • Max aggregate: 60mm


AJ-50 Concrete Batching Plant
  • Model: AJ-50 Concrete Batching Plant
  • Productivity:50(m3/h)
  • Concrete Mixer: JS1000
  • Aggregate Bin Volume(m3): 3×8
  • Discharging height(M): 3.8 m
  • Gross weight(T): 23


AJ-60 Concrete Batching Plant
  • Model: AJ-60 Concrete Batching Plant
  • Productivity: 60m3/h
  • Concrete mixer: JS1000/ JS1500
  • Mixer discharging capacity: 1m3
  • Aggregate batching machine: PLD1600
  • Max aggregate: 80mm


AJ-90 Concrete Batching Plant
  • Model: AJ-90 Concrete Batching Plant
  • Productivity: 90m3/h
  • Concrete mixer: JS1500
  • Mixer discharging capacity: 1.5m3
  • Aggregate batching machine: PLD2400
  • Max aggregate: 80mm


AJ-120 Concrete Batching Plant
  • Model : AJ-120 Concrete Batching Plant
  • Productivity: 90m3/h
  • Concrete mixer: JS2000
  • Mixer discharging capacity: 12m3
  • Aggregate batching machine: PLD3200
  • Max aggregate: 80mm

counter flows of asphalt plant:


Simplicity is the word for the Duo Drum ‘CF’ counter flow asphalt plant. The ‘CF’ utilizes a counterflow dryer with a mixing drum. Each is a separate unit. The mixing time is never too short and valuable liquids and additives are never exposed to extreme temperatures.

Counter-flow asphalt plant with multi-stage combustion zone

1994/11/15 · Counter-flow asphalt plant with multi-stage combustion zone overlapping the mixing zone United States Patent 5364182 Abstract: A drum mixer is provided with a rotatable cylinder in which aggregates, reclaimed asphalt pavement and liquid asphalt are mixed to ...

Mobile Counter Flow Asphalt Mixing Plant at Rs 5000000 /piece

Mobile counter-flow asphalt mixing plant is for those customers who want addition fuel savings and better quality of hot mix asphalt that is promised with the counter-flow asphalt plant but also desire complete mobility. Sometimes you will have critical projects that will require frequent shifting of the plants from one place to another and ...

What’s new in asphalt plants?

Maxam Equipment, Inc. of Kansas City, Missouri, builds new asphalt plants and replaces asphalt plant parts. They also design and develop new asphalt plant equipment. Maxam’s newest product, the AQUABLACK Warm Mix Asphalt System, retrofits any asphalt plant quickly and easily. “Warm mix asphalt is a hot item,” says Maxam’s Roger Sandberg.


SPILL PREVENTION CONTROL AND COUNTERMEASURES PLAN TA-3-73 ASPHALT BATCH PLANT Los Alamos National Laboratory Prepared By: JCNNM Environmental Branch 1900 Diamond Drive. Los Alamos, NM 87544 (505) 667-0104 In conjunction with

How Does an Asphalt Plant Work? |authorSTREAM

Presentation Description. How does an asphalt plant operate is a question searched by many. Hence we decided to make a simple video which includes details on the types of asphalt plants and how asphalt batch plant, asphalt drum plant and counter flow asphalt plant work.

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Stationary Asphalt Plant - Drum Mix Plant Manufacturer from

Counter-flow asphalt drum mix plant by Atlas is developed for customers who are not satisfied with the quality of hot mix asphalt from the drum mixer. Counter-flow plant eliminates the problem as the quality of hot mix asphalt coming from the counter flow mixer is better than a traditional drum mix plant.

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11.1 Hot Mix Asphalt Plants

11.1 Hot Mix Asphalt Plants 11.1.1 General1-3,23, 392-394 Hot mix asphalt (HMA) paving materials are a mixture of size-graded, high quality aggregate (which can include reclaimed asphalt pavement [RAP]), and liquid asphalt cement, which is heated and mixed in measured quantities to produce HMA. Aggregate and RAP (if used) constitute over 92 percent

Counter Flow Mobile Asphalt Drum Mix Plant

Counter flow asphalt drum mix plant with external mixer for production of high quality asphalt mixtures. This mobile plant has production of 40 to 80 t/h. It is fully automated, which enables wide range emission of reports and remote access by the factory to check failures, diagnoses or program updates.

Joseph E. Musil Inventions, Patents and Patent Applications

Abstract: A warm mix asphalt plant comprising a counter-flow drum, apparatus for precisely metering flows of A/C and water, an asphalt expander with no moving internal parts where a circular curtain of flowing clean water is mixed with a coaxial circular curtain

ALmix UF-Series Counter Flow Plant – ALmix Asia

The ALmix UF-Series Counter Flow Drum Mixer | Overview. The Uni-Flow Series Counterflow Drum Mixer is the flagship product from ALmix. Designed for asphalt contractors seeking the most efficient, mechanically sound, aesthetically pleasing and adaptable asphalt plant the market has to offer.

Salt on the Asphalt

Salt on the Asphalt By Amitabh Avasthi Sep. 6, 2005 , 12:00 AM Salt used to deice roads is trickling into small streams and gradually making them more saline, according to a new study. Within the ...


The Magnum Series Counter-flow Plant was developed with the most modern computer-assisted tools and mathematical modeling of turbulent flows in order to offer real and significant differences in the preparation of asphalt mixtures and to increase its production

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Counterflow Asphalt Plant Mobile Counter Flow Asphalt Mobile counterflow asphalt mixing plant is for those customers who want addition fuel savings and better quality of hot mix asphalt that is promised with the counterflow asphalt plant but also desire complete mobility.

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Wet Scrubber Inspection and Evaluation Manual

Pressure drop versus emissions data for venturi scrubbers serving asphalt plants.16 The data scatter in the asphalt concrete plant curve, the thermal dryer curve, and many of the curves presented earlier, is evidence of the weakness of industry wide

Hot-Mix Asphalt Plant Operations

in use in the United States: batch, parallel-flow drum-mix, and counter-flow drum-mix. All three types serve the same ultimate purpose, and the asphalt mixture should be essentially similar regardless of the type of plant used to manufacture it. The three types of plants differ, however, in operation and flow of materials, as

Counter-flow asphalt plant method - Hawkins, Michael R

2006/5/16 · The prior art asphalt plant of FIG. 1 is shown and described in greater detail in Hawkins U.S. Pat. No. 4,787,938 incorporated herein by reference. The prior art counter-flow plant includes a substantially horizontal, single drum mixer 10 carried by a ground12 at a

AP42 Section: 11.1 Reference Number:. Title: Written

A- 1 Fugitive VOC emissions from hot asphalt 1. Calculatim of fugitive emissions of VOC Visual observation of a truck being loaded at any asphalt plant indicates that there is a large cloud of polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) released as the hot asphalt

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US6656242B1 - Hot mix asphalt facility

A hot mix asphalt batching plant has two separate air handling systems—one for the dryer and another for handling the fugitive dust. These two systems are separate, so that variations in operating conditions for the dryer do not affect the performance of the fugitive ...

Counter Flow Asphalt Plant Electronics form GBM Machinery

Counter Flow Asphalt Plant Electronics Magnum series 150 to 600 tph - cmi-roadbuilding. The efficiency and predictability of daily performance of the CMI Magnum series has proven to be valuable to operators of large stationary installations as well as highly mobile paving companies running the CMI Super-Portable Magnum “Bullet” series of asphalt plants.

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PLANT CALIBRATION - Alberta Ministry of Transportation

Take the initial reading on the Aggregate Totalizer Tonnes Counter, Revolution Counter or AC Totalizer, and Flow Meter. d) If the plant is not equipped with a Revolution Counter or Flow Meter, use a tachometer to obtain the asphalt pump speed in rev/min. 6.

US6164809A - Counter-flow asphalt plant with independently

A counter-flow asphalt plant with a separately controlled and operated dryer 50 and mixer 52 in which virgin aggregate, recycle material and liquid asphalt are mixed to produce an asphaltic composition.

Counterflow asphalt mix plant with RAP

Batch asphalt plant is with skid plates and modular structure to reduce the installation time. An asphalt plant is used for manufacture of hot mix asphalt. This hot mix asphalt is used to prepare road. Used for construction of city roads and highway. What wikipedia cannot tell you about asphalt mixing plant layout.


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